Pilates and Men

There is a common misconception when it comes to the Pilates studio that it is a woman’s domain. One conjures up an image of women performing impossible poses on complicated contraptions or stretched out on mats surrounded by sorority sisters. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Pilates is, historically and in modern times, very much an even playing field. Its potential for strengthening, rehabilitation and fitness is suitable for both men and women of any age.

In fact, the method itself was invented and developed by Joseph Pilates (and he was of course, a man!). Joseph developed his program from his training in boxing, gymnastics and military rehabilitation. He developed movements that taught a mind/body connection and a universal method that encourages us to work smarter, rather than harder. He continued to refine his system well into his eighties, and photos from this time reveal a strong, fit physique not hampered by his advancing years.

The benefits of the Pilates method are not gender biased. In the past it has been associated with dance, which organically led to more female teachers and perhaps more female participants. But now the word is well and truly out that it works just as well for toning and strengthening the male form. The adaptability of Pilates to different levels of fitness and different body types means that it can work for everyone, regardless of gender or fitness level.

At Core Pilates we have certainly noticed an increase in male participants and today at least 40% of our clientele are men! Our men are from all walks of life: executives, barristers, builders, riggers and engineers to name just a few. The reasons for their attendance vary as much as their occupations. Stress relief, flexibility issues, easing of back pain and neck tension and complimentary therapy for sports such as golf, cycling and rugby can all be provided by sessions with us.

Fellas! Come on down! Release some stress and get fit and flexible with Core Pilates Brisbane. Regardless of your gender, everyone’s welcome… And we sure do love our boys!

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