Pilates Training

We are Pilates obsessed, so it’s only natural that we are constantly updating our knowledge and participating in training programs from respected and inspiring providers.

Our training schedule has been thrillingly full these past few months. Our Director (the lovely Lisa) traveled to Sydney where she taught a great group of women who are just starting out on their careers with the Pilates International Training Centre’s (Pilates ITC) Diploma of Pilates. Lisa relishes any chance to share her hard earned knowledge and loves to meet people who are as excited about Pilates as herself!

“It was a wonderful experience to see such talented and smart ladies putting in so much work and effort towards their new chosen careers.” – Lisa

We are proud of our alignment with Pilates ITC, who ensures that students receive the best in Pilates education. They provide a well-structured Diploma of Pilates to the many students who choose to make Pilates their dream job. The course isn’t easy, there are many practical hours to complete, assignments to do and study to undertake, but the results mean they become competent and thoughtful teachers who have a great support system in place.

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to have the wonderful Lanette Gavran (a Director of Pilates ITC) come to Brisbane to teach a Matwork Masterclass and a pregnancy workshop. These classes were fantastic and full of up to the minute research and ideas – and what a workout we all had, an hour and a half of some great movements! We walked away exhausted and inspired. It was also a great opportunity for the Brisbane Pilates teaching community to come together and share our experiences.

Still hungry for more Pilates inspiration, Lisa has spent the past two weeks in Los Angeles where she participated in the Balanced Body on Tour Conference. She, and other likeminded and inspired individuals, undertook classes run by talented American teachers including Lolita San Miguel, a Pilates Elder. We will share more of Lisa’s experience in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Our training is important to us. We want to make sure that our clients are getting the best possible instruction from teachers who are knowledgeable and passionate. We ensure our training providers are respected (see our Pilates Accreditation post for more information) and we are committed to our continuing education and staying current with related science and instructional techniques.

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