Feel the Difference this February – 5 BOUTIQUE GROUP REFORMER CLASSES FOR $100

Pilates is wonderful for both mind and body – it builds muscle strength whilst emphasising body awareness and core control.   Finding the right class can sometimes be confusing and intimidating, particularly when you are new to Pilates.  There is so much group Pilates available it can be hard to know what is going to be right for you.

Maybe you have tried group reformer classes, more than likely there would have been more than 10 people in the class, with everybody doing the same exercises and trying to keep up with each other and the instructor (even if it didn’t feel good.)  You might even have been following along to a video.  While these classes have their place in the fitness world, sadly they very rarely embody a true Pilates experience and often result in muscle overuse and injuries.

While group Pilates classes are highly affordable and are usually sold in budget style packages, they are usually designed to fit as many people in a room as possible! What this means is that you may be doing exercises that are not appropriate for you personally.  You may not even be doing Pilates! It may feel good at the time but, improper Pilates can also result in injury or pain down the track.

At Core Pilates, we believe you are worth getting to know and we want to be able to meet your needs and look after your body – even in a group environment – which is why we have created Our Boutique Group Reformer Program. It’s the best of both worlds. The affordable structure of a group, with the personal Core Pilates difference. Within our Boutique Group Reformer program, there are just four in each group, meaning we can accommodate, assist and look after each person. You will get to experience the beauty of real Pilates for our regular price of $25 per class.

And to help get you started…

We have an introductory offer that will give you 5 Boutique Group Reformer classes for only $100. There will be 5 classes per week available for you to choose from and they will commence from February 25th and run for a 5 week period.

For more information, contact us at [email protected], or use the button below to book!

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