Take your Pilates training to the next level – learn from professionals who have the expertise, experience, and ability to share their knowledge and how to apply this within the Pilates environment.

At Core Pilates Brisbane we are all about learning, questioning and extending ourselves.  If this fits with you, we invite you to attend one of our workshops on topics ranging from pre and post-natal care, bone-strengthening, back care, postural correction, general conditioning and more. Our workshops aim to help you take this knowledge and apply it within your working environment to better facilitate change, strength, health, and wellness for your clients.

Core Pilates Brisbane Courses


Makarlu Masterclass

As Makarlu is brand new to the market we appreciate that many people are wanting to purchase a set but are not sure how to use it. Accordingly we will be offering a Makarlu Masterclass of 2 hours with Carla Mullins, co-developer of Makarlu and a Level 4 teacher with both the APMA, PAA and PMA.

The class will consist of:

  • An introduction to Makarlu and ideas on the various configurations
  • Mat class using Makarlu as a prop
  • How to use Makarlu as a prop with pilates apparatus and CoreAlign* The class will include a pair of Makarlu Lotus valued at $200.

Presented by: Carla Mullins
Where: Core Pilates Spring Hill, Brisbane
When: 2pm – 4pm, Saturday 9th February 2019
Cost: $250 – * The class will include a pair of Makarlu Lotus valued at $200.
Audience: Fully qualified Pilates instructors, Accredited exercise scientists or exercise physiologists and Allied health professionals

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Curvy Bodies: A Deeper Look at Scoliosis

This workshop begins by separating the myths from the facts that surround scoliosis as well as discussing the current recommended treatment for scoliosis within the medical profession. We will then look in detail at the vertebrae and what is happening to them within a scoliotic spine. By better understanding your clients’ Cobb angles and degree of rotation within them, you will be better equipped to make suitable exercise choices. During this workshop, you will:

  • Observe changes in Scoliotic client at the workshop and have the opportunity to apply hands on techniques
  • Understand how to “unwind” the scoliotic curves through both set up and basic breathing techniques
  • Apply basic programming strategies
  • Work with several Scoliotic clients to assess curvature and devise suitable programs for them

Presented by: Helen New
Where: Core Pilates Spring Hill, Brisbane
When: 9am – 6pm, Saturday 6th April 2019
Cost: $440
Audience: Fully qualified Pilates instructors, Accredited exercise scientists or exercise physiologists and Allied health professionals

Continuing Education Points
PAA PDPs = 8pts APMA CECs = 6pts

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Right from the Beginning – The Warm Up as Efficient Preparation

Effective preparation underpins the whole client program. The ‘Warm Up’ section (before The Hundred) of any program provides the opportunity to make or break the session. It is here that we can strategically set up muscle patterns, postural address, and specific focus that allows the program to build from a positive starting point. This preparation section can then be honed for client home practice and progression.

In this workshop explore and experience warm up sequences based on strategic movement pattern and postural address and take away strategies for maximizing the preparation section of any workout within appropriate time frames and with reasoning for different client types. This will be a highly practical, mat-based workshop

Presented by: Sally Anderson (2.5 PDP’s)
Where: Core Pilates Brisbane, 15 Gloucester Street, Spring Hill
When: Postponed until early 2019
Cost: $180
Audience: Pilates Teachers


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"From my first conversation with Lisa Jackson at Core Pilates to enquire about learning Pilates through PITC in September 2013, Lisa's passion for Pilates has been contagious. As a student mastering the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, with only a few years of Studio Pilates experience, the volume and depth of knowledge required seemed extensive and at times daunting. Lisa and her staff were always very supportive, approachable and wonderfully patient mentors. I need to be close enough to see and feel the execution of exercises myself to learn. I will forever be grateful to Lisa's clients, Lisa and her staff for not only enabling me, but also encouraging me to do this.

Core Pilates is an inspirational and happy studio where the attention to detail is meticulous. I thoroughly enjoy going for my personal sessions, continuing to learn, and feeling blessed to be mentored by Lisa and her staff."

Robyn Sanders

Core Pilates Student-Teacher

"As an instructor previously trained through several other organisations I cannot recommend PilatesITC with Core Pilates as the Queensland Training Centre highly enough.  Lisa and her staff create an absolutely inclusive learning facility where you are never made to feel inadequate.  Every trainee is made to feel welcome and no question or opinion is ever discounted without being examined on its merit first. Training is extremely thorough and presented via workshops, practicums, and hands-on learning. I am so pleased with my experience at PilatesITC and Core Pilates that I will be continuing my education and completing the Advanced Diploma of Professional Pilates.”  

Angela Schoemaker

Core Pilates Student-Teacher

"Each day that I make the time to come into Core Pilates I leave feeling challenged and inspired. I find that all the staff really love Pilates and that is evident everyday through the passion they show. The studio has a very welcoming feel and an amazing student community. If you would like to try Pilates or are thinking about studying to be an instructor I highly recommend Core Pilates Brisbane.”

Julie Hamilton

Core Pilates Student-Teacher