Mindfulness 4 Week Introductory Course

There is so much research available to us now that can demonstrate the effectiveness of a mindfulness practice.  Learning how to be more mindful in our daily lives can ease many stresses and overwhelm and help us feel more centred and grounded.   To be mindful doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sit and meditate for hours each day.  This course will explain what mindfulness really is, how you can be more mindful and find more flow and ease in your life.

We have invited Dr Sue Jackson to join us this spring to introduce us to the many benefits that mindfulness can offer.

We will be offering a 4 week introductory course and these sessions will run for 50-minutes each week.   Sue will be introducing us to a range of mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating calm and present-moment awareness. Each week there will be guided mindfulness practices, practical guidelines for home practice, and opportunity to share experiences in a small group setting.

Presented by: Dr Sue Jackson
Where: Core Pilates Spring Hill, Brisbane
When: Starting 3pm, Friday 1 November, Running at the same time for 4 weeks
Cost: $100
Audience: Everyone

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