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At Core Pilates we offer the very best in personalised Pilates Instruction, Functional Movement Training, Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage. Our mission is to help you reach your health goals by teaching with care, knowledge, and professionalism with pone of the highest quality teams of practitioners in Brisbane.

Lisa and her team at Core Pilates Brisbane are passionate about optimizing your health and reaching your exercise goals through high quality Pilates instruction and movement education. We will empower you with the skills and knowledge to best nourish and move your body.


We understand everybody's health goals are different. At Core Pilates our goal is to work with each client as an individual, whether you are participating in private or small group classes we will design a program that works for you. Our programs are designed to encourage and build sustainable and lasting change and progression. Our highly skilled staff and support team will help you reach your own unique “ultimate”, whatever that may be!! Whether you are returning to exercise after injury, cross training for a sporting or performance-based career or simply want to stay in shape, we can design a program specifically for you and support you the whole way!

Understanding your physical potential and how to move properly is priceless. So whatever your reason for wanting to exercise, we promise to help you be your best!

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1 Intial Consult + 1 Private Follow Up + 3 Trio Classes


CORE PILATES BRISBANE combines Pilates, therapeutic exercise and functional movement training.

Our focus is based around the elements of body awareness, mindset, alignment, stability and mobility, strength and flexibility, as well as performance!

It's time you gave your body the kind
of movement it deserves!


Lisa and her team identify individual fitness and lifestyle goals.

We are passionate and highly qualified coaches who offer a specialised, personal approach to help you build a stronger, healthier mind and body.

“Understanding how to move well and efficiently takes time but is key for building long term strength and reaching goals that can be sustained.
Taking short cuts generally leads to injury and frustration”

Lisa Jackson



"It's been about seven months since I started Pilates. Now...I can walk without limping and pain. My weekends are more exciting as I can go tracking to the mountains. I can sleep well without waking up in the middle of the night with pains in my leg. Most of all, it has changed my attitude towards things that I took for granted before. I feel thankful when I walk and stretch my arms without pain."

Grace Shin

Core Pilates Client

"Lisa and her team are warm, welcoming and…encouraging. They make the effort to get to know you…your body (and how) you respond…in terms of communication and instruction. I feel my body improving every week."

Dr Chris

Core Pilates Client

"Personalised attention is what makes Core Pilates an exceptional studio. I have learned so much about how the human body – my body – is designed to move, and I just love Lisa’s little cues and descriptions to help me visualise and understand…the movements."

Robyn Sanders

Core Pilates Student-Teacher

"Lisa has rescued me from chronic pain through patient instruction and care. I have been to countless physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, Yoga teachers, osteopaths and the like. None of them come close to Lisa in her ability to communicate how to extend what your body can do."


Core Pilates Client

"I can, without hesitation say, that I feel somewhat transformed. Lisa and her team are the consummate professionals; they know exactly what they are doing and they do it perfectly. They are Brisbane’s best kept Pilates secret."

Angela Schoemaker

Core Pilates Student-Teacher

"Core Pilates is an inspirational and happy studio where the attention to detail is meticulous. I thoroughly enjoy going for my personal sessions…and (feel) blessed to be mentored by Lisa and her staff."

Julie Hamilton

Core Pilates Student-Teacher

Big thank you to yourself Lisia/Lisa and all at Corepilates. Since last July I have been trouble free and back on the bike building my cycling strength. I am keeping up my pilates exercises despite not being able to make the classes (due to job move). 

Corepilates oversaw an incredible transformation. From being scared to move, walk, bend, twist for fear of hurting myself I am now a confident cyclist again doing about 300km's per week. I might even be stronger than I ever was and have been asked to join a racing team (which I am considering). Two years ago I thought I would never ride a bike again. I was probably depressed, certainly confused and very frustrated. Unable to perform basic tasks at home and scared to pick up my own children.

Sticking with a long-term plan and following the careful tutoring of Lisia and Lisa has had an incredible impact on my quality of life. I can't thank everyone enough.

Patrick McMahon

Core Pilates Client


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