Initial Consultation Questionnaire

Receiving your details prior to your first Pilates session with us helps us to prepare for your initial Consultation and ongoing Pilates programming.  It only takes five to ten minutes to complete but can save us up to half and hour in your session so that we can get you onto the equipment and moving sooner! The more details you can provide the better we can meet your needs. All information provided will be handled with the strictest confidentiality.


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    APPOINTMENTS & PAYMENTS - All sessions are by appointment only and must be paid for prior to, or on the date of, your session. We accept cash and card payments only (Visa or MasterCard). Online bookings can be managed and paid for through our website at Please note: if you arrive late your class will still need to finish at the allotted time and, for safety reasons, if you are more than 20 minutes late we retain the right to refuse your sessions.

    CANCELLATION POLICY - Please be aware that Core Pilates has a strict '24 hour notice of cancellation' policy. In the event of a late cancellation please understand that we will charge a late fee equal to the value of your session. By cancelling late for your session you are restricting another person from joining that session. We ask that you respect our cancellation policy and notify us in advance if you know you are too sick to attend or will be absent for some other reason. You can manage your bookings online 24/7 at

    REFUNDS AND PACKAGE EXPIRATION DATES - All pre-paid packages are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Please note that expiry dates apply to all packages, this will be noted on your purchase receipt and can be viewed on your online account profile. Please make yourself aware of these dates and be sure to use all your sessions before they expire.

    STUDIO ETIQUETTE AND HYGIENE - For safety and hygiene reasons it is compulsory to wear clean socks during your Pilates class, preferably ones with grip. You can purchase these at the studio and at most good sportswear stores. We also request that you consider others and wear clean and appropriate, non-revealing workout wear and use deodorant. Towels are provided or you can bring your own.

    PHYSICAL CONTACT - The Pilates Method aims to correct compensatory muscle recruitment patterns and improve posture. In order for our instructors to make these corrections physical contact is at times necessary. Please inform your instructor as soon as possible if you feel uncomfortable with any physical contact so that they may adjust their teaching techniques.

    OBSERVING & ASSISTANT INSTRUCTORS - Core Pilates conducts a Pilates Teacher Training program and from time to time students of the course will observe and provide assistance to the lead instructor during a session. Careful consideration is given to the appropriateness of allowing Assistant Instructors to work with individual clients, and the Assistant Instructors themselves will have already progressed substantially through the curriculum and have an appropriate level of knowledge and skill to interact safely and professionally to support the led instructor and work individually with clients. Assistant Instructors are supervised by qualified and experienced instructors at all times. If you feel it would be inappropriate for you to work with an Assistant Instructor at any time please let your instructor know at the beginning of, or any time during, the class.

    STUDENT TEACHER PROGRAM - Sessions with Student Teachers may be available. Student Teachers are undertaking a Pilates International Training Centre course delivered through Core Pilates. Student Teachers are not yet fully qualified and are undertaking work experience as part of their course requirements. It is only appropriate for clients to participate in these sessions if they are healthy, injury free and at low risk of injury. Core Pilates Brisbane reserves the right to refuse participation or discontinue a session if we feel it is inappropriate or dangerous for a client to continue. Clients must notify the instructor or reception immediately if there are any changes in their health, such as and injury or pregnancy. It is the responsibility of the client to notify their instructor or reception if they feel at any time it is inappropriate for them to continue their session(s) within the Student Teacher Program.

    MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT - I agree that the information I have given on this document is true and correct. I have read and understood all wording printed on this document and take full responsibility for my actions at all times on Core Pilates Brisbane studio premises. I understand that I must give 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation or incur the late fee.