Pilates has so much more to offer than a standard exercise class.

Pilates has the ability to change a person’s quality of life.  It will build higher self-awareness, alleviate stress and nurture the body through breath with controlled and centred movement.

Core Pilates team constantly desires to understand the body and how it works most optimally to seek advice from highly skilled Pilates and allied health practitioners, specialist physiotherapists, musculoskeletal therapists, psychologists, mindfulness teachers and dieticians.

We use this acquired knowledge to implement a movement system that enables people to find true balance and strength.

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“We use our knowledge, expertise, and hands to help each person, but ultimately it’s from a person’s own self-awareness that the biggest change occurs.”

Pilates Classes



Centered around Contemporary Pilates as a vehicle to improve movement patterns and mindsets, not only will you feel stronger and fitter but you will discover how to use your body more efficiently.

We aim for Pilates to become part of a person’s life, whether they’re an athlete looking to perform at their peak without injury or a person in their over 70s wanting to be able to keep up with their grandkids. Or you simply want to maintain flexibility and strength to enjoy the fun things in life!

Core Pilates Brisbane is an inclusive space; everyone is welcome no matter age, gender, body shape, race, or sexuality; you do not have to be flexible or worry about what others think of you doing Pilates or how you do; give it go, turn up and treat your self.

It's a safe space to learn Pilates, "Move to Improve and Feel Well."


Learn skills to increase mindfulness and body awareness, physical strength, and flexibility through movement.



Darren Vizer - Principal Trainer

Darren Vizer Owner and Director of Core Pilates

M.A. (University of Melbourne) Choreography.

A Principal Trainer under the Pilates Alliance Australasia. I have been practising Pilates since 1994, my first Pilates teacher was the late Megan Williams. A former professional dancer, gymnast, national champion trampolinist and horse rider, who has been teaching movement for over 35 years. He has his Masters's Degree in Choreography from the Victorian College of the Arts, now the University of Melbourne.

In 2015 he was awarded the Professional Pathways Scholarship and Artist in Residence at La Mama Theatre and a 2013 Creative Scholarship for his studies at VCA. Darren has studied full-time Professional Diploma of Acting in method acting at Ensemble Acting Studios 2008

He is a professional choreographer and director with his own Arts Practice and company Devize Co; he has performed and choreographed nationally and internationally with Sydney Dance Company, Legs on the Wall, Australian Dance Theatre, Australian Folkloric Company, Transitions Dance Company, The Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, La Mama Theatre, and Opera Australia.

As a Pilates practitioner, he is drawn to teaching the Pilates Method as a means of keeping his own body conditioned for his performance career, leading him to study Pilates. He attained the Advanced Diploma in Pilates Practice and the status of Principal Trainer and a full member of PAA.

Darren’s worked in all Pilates International Studios as a manager, senior Instructor and student supervisor. In 2006 he was inspired to establish his studio Mr Pilates in 2006 in Sydney and Melbourne; Darren is still serving those clients online. His studio was affiliated with National Pilates Training in Melbourne, mentoring students through their training.

He has also trained in the Classical Pilates method with Marda Wiley, a second-generation classical Pilates educator certified with NY and Romana’s Pilates.

Darren also spent time on the PAA Pilates Alliance of Australasia as Board Member and has been a conference presenter at the Mind Body Conference. He enjoys teaching the full-body Pilates challenge, the all-over body workout, sharing his knowledge and giving the whole, rich experience of Pilates.


Amelia Robinson - Pilates Instructor

A graduate from Body Organics Education.  I am a firm believer in the notion that ‘motion is lotion’ and that movement is vital to lubricating our bodies to live an active and purposeful life. Pilates exercises incorporate movement that is functional for our daily activities and allows our bodies to strengthen and stretch, enabling us to move with confidence. Pilates provides a mindful opportunity to focus on body awareness, joint mobility and stability and core control.

Looking after 4 busy children and a couple of back surgeries has made me aware of the need to find time to look after myself.  I am an advocate of the benefits of Pilates and mindful movement and look forward to continuing that journey with my clients. I enjoy seeing clients understand their capabilities and get joy and confidence from movement.

What I like about Core Pilates Studio is positive, the classes are individually focussed yet the environment has a community feel to it.  People practising at Core are entering the studio with a ‘can do’ attitude.  They are keen to learn, explore and improve their mobility. This attitude is infectious and has a positive effect on everyone’s overall well-being.

Core Pilates studio is positive, the classes are individually focussed yet the environment has a community feel to it.  People practising at Core are entering the studio with a ‘can do’ attitude.  They are keen to learn, explore and improve their mobility. This attitude is infectious and has a positive effect on everyone’s overall well-being.

The teachings at Core Pilates like the pace, the mindfulness, and the awareness it gives me about my body and the way it moves.  It allows me to focus on the smallest movements and build on these to strengthen my overall functional patterns. I want to bring awareness, possibility and positive progression.

Why I decided to become a Pilates teacher, is I enjoy practising it and wanted others to have a similar positive experience from functional exercise and mindful movement. It is also a great addition to my Remedial Massage Therapy skills.

I enjoyed my training with Carla Mullins from Body Organics as she thinks outside the box and is constantly learning herself and then imparting that knowledge to others.  Darren Vizer has been wonderful to embed the learnings, to stress a focus on the basic Pilates principles and incorporate these as a fundamental foundation when performing the movements.

My previous job was Solicitor – LLB (QUT) Using my legal skills I set up a software company to assist with managing Leases, Franchises and Intellectual Property portfolios that had clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Helped to establish and still volunteer at Inspiring Brighter Futures – a mentoring program to inspire people to move their lives onward and upwards.


Denise Felton - Principal Instructor

Denise is a Pilates practitioner and has been teaching Pilates for fifteen years.

She has attained the Advanced Diploma in the Pilates Method and completed the Buff Bones osteoporosis training programme.

Denise’s focus is on movement mechanics, teaching effective and efficient movement patterns with Pilates-based exercise.

Denise’s experience has enabled her to identify, modify, and retrain movement patterns; she encourages efficient movement and optimises movement potential in class resulting in improved biomechanics and helping with pain management.

Denise says Core Pilates is a welcoming, inspiring environment that encourages clients to find optimal strategies that will achieve more efficient movement resulting in better outcomes.

Her goal at Core Pilates is to help clients align better in the studio so they can increase their performance in and out of the studio. Educating clients that just ‘doing and moving’ in whatever way is not necessarily good for us.

When I was younger, I loved the challenge of Pilates; however, with age, it is a necessity to help with the inevitable biological and physiological decline and degeneration.

Pilates is a lifesaver and combats the effects of inflammation, pain and stiffness as I move consciously with motor control accompanied by healthy breathing patterns and releases joint tension by building a better deep support structure that helps the body absorb forces and loads.

I have two dogs. George a Bracco Italiano, our first meeting was love at first sight, such an intuitive and  gentle soul and Matilda a PBGV (Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen) terribly cute and cheeky. I do scent work classes with them which keeps me busy and gives them the opportunity to use their brains; they can both be somewhat feral, so it's best not to boast.


Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on stretching, strengthening and conditioning the whole body. Movements are focused on torso, or core, stability to improve posture, balance, body awareness, flexibility and muscle strength.

Founder Joseph Pilates explains the practice “develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”.

Pilates is unique because of the variety and number of exercises within the system’s repertoire. This allows an instructor to choose specific exercises and modify them to create a program that suits people of all ages and body types. Our Pilates programs are specific to you, as an individual with unique needs, abilities and goals.

Benefits of the Pilates Method

  • Significant improvements in posture and core (torso) strength

  • Development of long, lean muscles without bulk and increased overall flexibility
  • Ideal for dance and sports conditioning by keeping the body strong and injury resistant
  • Offers a safe and controlled environment for rehabilitation following surgery or injury
  • Ideal for pre and post-natal care; offers a safe way to prepare the body for birth, and then restore body shape, muscle tone, posture and trunk strength afterwards
  • Ideal for seniors looking to improve their balance and posture, strengthen muscles and prevent bone deterioration
  • Elevates and energises the mind and spirit

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