By Rose Marshall, Core Pilates Student-Teacher

When looking into courses there were so many choices but I wanted a government accredited qualification that would give me the best possible employment opportunities. I was wanting to start my study as soon as possible but was also planning to relocate to Brisbane to be closer to my family and friends so I needed something flexible.

I initially started my Pilates journey at PFIWA and was fortunate enough to meet some amazing instructors who I still keep in contact with now.
Upon settling in Brisbane I was able to maintain my online studies and got in touch with Lisa Jackson of Core Pilates. Part of the course requires you to spend time in the studio observing classes, conducting self-mastery and assist teaching.

I was able to manage my time between work, online study of the repertoire and my time in the studio. I could open my laptop and study anywhere I wanted and had continuous access to the online work; if I needed to clarify a movement that I hadn’t seen before or couldn’t recall a movement pattern I could go back and watch the movie online.

This course was definitely not what I expected; the support that I have received is not what you would expect from an online course. I’ve had access to workshops, student practicums that give feedback on my teaching abilities and master classes run by Sally Anderson and other influential Pilates instructors. During these workshops I’ve had the opportunity to network with local business owners and highly regarded instructors from around Australia. Next week I’m going to Canberra and as an ITC student I’m lucky enough to have a session with Lanette Gavran, the owner of Pilates Canberra. All of these contacts from an “online” course! Core Pilates, the instructors and students have become like an extension of my family.

There is a Facebook group for students to share knowledge, ask questions and organise time in the studio to practise teaching each other. I have become friends with engineers, nurses, accountants, lawyers, dancers and everyone in between who have chosen Pilates as their career.

I have enjoyed the freedom to study and conduct theory assessments online and in my own time; this learning experience has greatly surpassed any previous online course that I have ever done. This qualification is so valuable that before I had even finished my course I was being offered teaching opportunities in some of the best studios in Brisbane.

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