By Louise Rhodes, Core Pilates Client


Earlier this year, I was having trouble coping in a highly stressful job. Adding to my misery, I wasn’t able to walk at pace or over a long distance due to a very painful hip for which I was prescribed medication. It was on a night out with my friends when our choice of restaurant (on a long “foodie street”) was limited by how far I could walk, that I realised I needed to make a change.

Some of those same friends suggested I try Pilates. They are mad about it, forever talking about how good it makes them feel and won’t miss a lesson unless for a dire emergency.

I began Pilates with Lisa four months ago. It didn’t take me long to understand why my friends loved it. My first session was a very thoughtful and careful assessment of my body, my goals and the problems I’d been experiencing with my hip. Lisa made me feel instantly at ease as she gently took me through some initial movements, all the while explaining why my hip locked or seemingly couldn’t support me.

Now, I have two sessions a week that I really look forward to. I usually start on the Cadillac and then move to the Reformer. Lisa has a unique way of explaining each movement to me so that I perform it correctly. It’s amazing that a simple cue can help me engage my core, use my glutes more effectively or “switch off” my hip flexors.

Pilates has been incredibly beneficial to my physical wellbeing. With Lisa’s guidance, I have found I no longer need any pain medication. I was really astounded by this as I felt the medication was my last resort before having to endure a hip replacement. Perhaps more surprising to me though, is the way in which Pilates helps me mentally and in coping with my stressful job.

For something so physical, Pilates certainly requires great mental concentration! I tend to close my eyes throughout each exercise to help stay focused, or connected to the appropriate muscles. For one whole hour, all I think about is Pilates. It’s so relaxing!

So yes, now like my friends, I am mad about Pilates. At the end of every session, I walk out feeling taller, happier and ready for whatever life has in store for me. I dare you to try it and not feel the same!

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