Beyond Pilates

Client Mel’s Comeback after a Paralysing Spinal Cord Injury

Hi! My name is Mel and I’ve been a lover of Pilates ever since my first session with Lisa at Core Pilates about 5 or 6 years ago! I never was much of a fitness buff, but Pilates just spoke to me. I have a pretty crazy story. Two years ago I was living and working…

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We’ve teamed up with NUX to bring you Premium Activewear!

We’ve teamed up with NUX this year to bring you high quality, long-lasting Activewear fresh from California. We’re passionate about Pilates and love this premium brand of super comfortable compression tights and tanks. Check out the new season prints and styles next time you’re in the studio.

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Complimentary Therapies – Beyond Pilates

It’s no secret that we at Core Pilates love, live and breathe Pilates. It is effective for toning and strengthening the body, invigorating the mind through regular exercise and relaxing those muscles that get caught up in day to day tension. But Pilates does not have to be a lone wolf! It is friends with…

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