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What did I learn in 2018?

As I sit here thinking about how to finish up the year I am still trying to get my head around where the year actually went.  I am sure many of you feel the same! Is it that the older we get the quicker time goes, or are we becoming so busy in our lives…

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What’s New At Core Pilates Brisbane

I am sure my clients are well aware of the fact that Pilates has consumed me for many years! I have grown and evolved enormously as a person and teacher through my own Pilates journey, hence my passion to share the many benefits with others. I am forever thankful that even through life’s ups and…

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Living with Lateral Hip Pain or Hip Bursitis

For people who suffer from lateral hip pain, or what is more commonly known as Hip Bursitis, it can be a debilitating condition with a long road to recovery. As Pilates teachers we come across this condition quite regularly in the studio and find our role of educating clients on how to manage their condition…

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