Is it a Pilates class or a group fitness class?

Is it a Pilates class or a group fitness class?

How can you tell?  Well you might want to ask the following questions and we will try and answer them for you: –

  1. How many are in my class? To learn Pilates correctly and with proper assistance, you should ideally find a class with no more than 6 people.
  2. With so many in my class am I actually able to get much help or guidance from my teacher? Your teacher should be able to monitor and assist each person when needed, they should be able to make appropriate adjustments or modifications without losing the flow of the class.
  3. Am I doing exercises by a timer or by the same amount of repetitions for every exercise no matter what the exercise or my abilities are? There are no timers in Pilates, it is an exercise system, not a crunching, curling and squeezing activity. The whole body should be integrated.
  4. Are my exercises modified or adjusted if I feel pain or cannot perform the exercise without discomfort to my neck, back or shoulders? If you feel pain or discomfort, either your springs are set too high for your strength or you do not have the range of movement required to perform the exercise safely. There is nothing weak about this and it is not a strength game, we all have different bodies that need to be adjusted accordingly, your teacher should never leave you doing an exercise that is uncomfortable or painful and tell you that you just need to get stronger!
  5. Has my teacher completed a fully comprehensive Pilates training course or did they learn over a week or even just over a weekend? To complete a fully comprehensive training program takes from 12 – 24 months and requires the teacher to complete over 600 hours of training. Why – because we are working with your body and we should know how to look after it properly.  It is more than reciting a pre-written class.
  6. Do I get asked to breathe and utilise breathing as part of the class? Breathing is one of the most important principles in a Pilates class – think of the famous “Pilates Hundred” exercise which is all about breathing with control. Not only does the breathing help you focus, but it can also help you perform the exercises better.

Pilates takes time to master –  but with patience, consistency and dedication to showing up each week, it is in this place where you will find all the magic!

Pilates is like learning to drive a manual car – you need to start at the beginning, understand all of the foundations and principles to then become a good driver.  Once you have these principles and foundations in your body you will never forget them and it is from this place that you begin to change and strengthen your body.

If you enjoy a larger style fitness class that uses Pilates Reformers then go for it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and these classes can be very fun.  But if you feel that you might like to experience a more authentic style of Pilates than a big group fitness class may not be the right choice for you.  Nor will it offer value for money over the long-term!

Here’s what you should expect in our Core Boutique Group Reformer Program?

Just to re-emphasise – Pilates is a unique whole-body system of movement designed to work you from head to toe.  What it is not designed to do is load up only certain muscles groups in isolation – if this is all you are doing then you can fall into what we call the overload trap.  This is where your muscles become overworked beyond their actual capabilities and can then get overtight and aggravated resulting in joint and tendon issues or pain.  The result of these overuse injuries is often a bursitis (or tendinopathy) and we see a high rate of these in hips and shoulders.  That is not to say you shouldn’t work hard and feel your muscles – but – you shouldn’t be worked so hard that you can hardly walk the next day.  Over time this may create a different set of problems.

You should expect to move your spine through all of its available ranges with exercises that take your spine through flexion, extension, side bending and rotation, and all with an emphasis on core control, flow and strength.  Your teacher will help you understand how to perform the exercises from the correct muscles and will always provide assistance by way of cues and hands-on help so that you can achieve the best results!   Our programs are easily modified, so there is no need to worry if you are finding an exercise too difficult or uncomfortable.  Our goal is to keep you safe, teach you the correct technique, get you feeling stronger and have some fun and most of all feel the beauty of Pilates in your body!


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