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Pilates Training

We are Pilates obsessed, so it’s only natural that we are constantly updating our knowledge and participating in training programs from respected and inspiring providers. Our training schedule has been thrillingly full these past few months. Our Director (the lovely Lisa) traveled to Sydney where she taught a great group of women who are just…

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Pilates Accreditation

Certified? Qualified? Accredited? These terms are used quite a bit in the promotion of Pilates courses and classes. But how do you know what you are signing up for? Do your classes’ content adhere to strict, objective guidelines? Or are they self governed? When it comes to your health and well being it’s best not…

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Our Terrific Trainees

Our Director, Lisa, is a faculty member for the Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesITC), the first ever government recognised Pilates qualification centre in the world. Core Pilates works alongside PilatesITC as a GOLD Work Experience Facilitation site for students who are PilatesITC registered. This means we are compliant with the standards set for Registered Training…

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